How to Put Out a Grease Fire on a Grill – Grilling Safety

People often love to use gas grills, According to Statista, 61% of people are using gas grills, 49% use charcoal grills, and the remaining 10% use electric grills. And most of the time, people using gas grills don’t have knowledge of how to put out a grease fire on a grill.

How to Put Out a Grease Fire on a Grill

Whether you are using a gas grill or propane grill, you face grease fire, you need to be careful so that these flares don’t convert into grill fire. Sometimes it is simply looking like a flare-up but deep down inside the grill where we have a catch pan, it is leftover grease that is igniting because it gets liquefied with heat and it can cause massive fires inside the grill. The few things that may be performed to prevent grill fire are listed below. Read carefully to have a basic idea of How to Put Out a Grease Fire on a Grill.

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Tips for Preventing BBQ Grease Fire

  • Keep your grill clean, try to clean it after using it every time. The more you care about cleaning your grill, the less would be the chance of the grill fire.
  • Follow the instructions by the Manufacture.
  • Always apply oil on your food, not on the grates of the grill.
  • Keep your cell phone near you while grilling, so that in case of an emergency you can immediately call someone for help.
  • Keep a fire Extinguisher at home for safety purposes.
  • Keep either baking soda or Kasher salt near the grill to smother flames if it gets fired.
  • Always cook the food with a closed lid, you may open the grill to check the food while cooking, and after that close it again in order to avoid a BBQ grease fire.

Actions to take if a Grease Fire Occurs?

In case, if the grill gets fire,

  • Immediately turn off the burners of the grill.
  • Remove the food from the grill by using long-handled tongs and put it on the warming rack.
  •  Throw baking soda or Kasher Salt on flames, or you can also throw sand to extinguish flare-ups.
  • Grease fire will no longer be able to spread in absence of oxygen. Closing the lid and grill vents may control the situation.
  • Never use water on a grease fire, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
  • If the fire expands and the situation is out of control, immediately call the fire department.

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How to Put Out a Grease Fire on a Grill

Can you use a grill after a grease fire?

It is safe to use the grill again but keep a few points in mind. Prior to cleaning the grill, first, ensure that it is fully cold. Second, inspect the grill for damage and repair any cracks or holes. Last but not least, take any charred food off the grill and thoroughly clean it with soapy water. By taking these simple precautionary steps, you can ensure that your grill is safe to use after a grease fire.

For Reader’s Guidance

Different type of oil catches fire at different temperatures, here we have mentioned autoignition points for various oil.

how to put out a propane fire

Smart Balance812 °F         
Vegetable Oil763 °F
Canola Oil795 °F
Olive Oil815 °F
ButterDoesn’t auto-ignite

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