Do Electric Smokers Use a Lot of Electricity? Energy Saver

Are you planning to buy an electrical smoker, but worried about Do Electric Smokers Use a Lot of Electricity? How Many Watts Does an Electric Smoker Use and do any other additional running costs for electric smokers?

Are electric smokers a good choice or one should go for charcoal or gas smokers? All these questions can confuse you while making a decision. Well, today I will help you out by showing you how much electricity does an electric smoker use. Spend a little time reading this details and you would not regret it.

Do Electric Smokers Use a Lot of Electricity
Do Electric Smokers Use a Lot of Electricity

How Much Electricity Does an Electric Smoker Use?

An electric smoker use more energy than other appliances like a fridge, and TV, etc., these smokers use around 700 to 2000 watts of energy depending upon their size and wattage. If your smoker uses 800 watts of energy per hour. You can calculate your total expense by simply multiplying 800 with number of hours you are using your smoker, like if you are using it for 6 hours.

How many watts does an electric smoker use? Let’s calculate it

Watts per hour = 800

Number of Hours = 6

The average price for residential electricity = $ 0.10

800 x 6 = 4800

Which is 4.8 kilowatt hours, now multiply this value by the current electricity rate of your area to know the exact cost of it.

4.8 Kilowatt Hour x $ 0.10 Rate per kWh = 0.48 $ per 6-hour usage of the electric smoker.

These 6 hours are counted as the smoker is used with its highest settings continuously for 6 hours, which will not. So the actual cost you will pay will be lesser than this.

If you are living in an area, where the electricity rate is too high, still it wouldn’t cost too much high rate.

Generally, no one smokes meat on daily basis. An electrical smoker can be very costly to you if you are using it daily. Otherwise, it is a great facility to use.

How Much Electricity Does an Electric Smoker Use

Additional Costs of Electric Smokers:

Electric smokers have an advanced smoking system, that doesn’t use too much energy. If you fear to have a huge jump in electricity bills with this smoker, then don’t worry. Nothing like this will happen.

Electric smokers are fuel efficient and they save your cost in long run. Like if you compare it with a wood pellet smoker. A wood pellet grill is far more expensive and can cook only 4 racks of ribs at a time. And a less expensive electrical grill can cook 6 pieces of chicken or 8 racks of ribs at a time because of its good space.

You may read my post best electrical smoker under 300 to know about the trending best smokers of this year. You depend on the following factors for your actual cost:

  • The exact wattage of your electric smoker.
  • How many times you use in a month and approximately how many hours it would be.
  • The temperature of the electric smoker, you are setting.
  • Preheating time, obviously if you preheat a lot you just making electricity bills.
  • The price of electricity in your city.
  • The cost of wood chips.

Quite possible you are living in an area where electricity rates are too low, then it will be a cheaper and best option for you. It is the best time to buy an electrical smoker and enjoy your parties with your friends and family.

Alabama12.41¢ / kWh12.79¢ / kWhDOWN
Alaska22.54¢ / kWh22.14¢ / kWhUP
Arizona13.16¢ / kWh12.65¢ / kWhUP
Arkansas9.99¢ / kWh10.73¢ / kWhDOWN
California19.90¢ / kWh19.39¢ / kWhUP
Colorado12.28¢ / kWh12.75¢ / kWhDOWN
Connecticut21.62¢ / kWh20.47¢ / kWhUP
DC13.21¢ / kWh13.40¢ / kWhDOWN
Delaware12.05¢ / kWh12.59¢ / kWhDOWN
Florida11.37¢ / kWh12.02¢ / kWhDOWN
Georgia12.26¢ / kWh12.53¢ / kWhDOWN
Hawaii32.76¢ / kWh30.45¢ / kWhUP
Idaho10.58¢ / kWh11.42¢ / kWhDOWN
Illinois12.56¢ / kWh12.95¢ / kWhDOWN
Indiana12.02¢ / kWh12.05¢ / kWhDOWN
Iowa13.81¢ / kWh13.92¢ / kWhDOWN
Kansas11.56¢ / kWh13.56¢ / kWhDOWN
Kentucky10.56¢ / kWh10.68¢ / kWhDOWN
Louisiana9.37¢ / kWh10.19¢ / kWhDOWN
Maine16.16¢ / kWh16.17¢ / kWhDOWN
Maryland13.92¢ / kWh14.22¢ / kWhDOWN
Massachusetts21.11¢ / kWh18.56¢ / kWhUP
Michigan16.07¢ / kWh15.86¢ / kWhUP
Minnesota14.09¢ / kWh13.96¢ / kWhUP
Mississippi11.55¢ / kWh11.40¢ / kWhUP
Missouri13.23¢ / kWh13.25¢ / kWhDOWN
Montana11.85¢ / kWh11.73¢ / kWhUP
Nebraska11.31¢ / kWh12.06¢ / kWhDOWN
Nevada11.67¢ / kWh11.64¢ / kWhUP
New Hampshire19.63¢ / kWh19.30¢ / kWhUP
New Jersey15.64¢ / kWh15.96¢ / kWhDOWN
New Mexico13.37¢ / kWh13.41¢ / kWhDOWN
New York19.30¢ / kWh18.76¢ / kWhUP
North Carolina11.24¢ / kWh11.07¢ / kWhUP
North Dakota12.07¢ / kWh12.34¢ / kWhDOWN
Ohio12.64¢ / kWh12.67¢ / kWhDOWN
Oklahoma10.72¢ / kWh10.53¢ / kWhUP
Oregon11.02¢ / kWh10.97¢ / kWhUP
Pennsylvania14.38¢ / kWh14.52¢ / kWhDOWN
Rhode Island18.64¢ / kWh16.65¢ / kWhUP
South Carolina12.91¢ / kWh13.07¢ / kWhDOWN
South Dakota12.39¢ / kWh12.57¢ / kWhDOWN
Tennessee10.79¢ / kWh10.93¢ / kWhDOWN
Texas11.36¢ / kWh11.15¢ / kWhUP
Utah10.63¢ / kWh11.48¢ / kWhDOWN
Vermont18.50¢ / kWh18.02¢ / kWhUP
Virginia12.40¢ / kWh11.91¢ / kWhUP
Washington9.79¢ / kWh9.95¢ / kWhDOWN
West Virginia11.57¢ / kWh11.69¢ / kWhDOWN
Wisconsin14.28¢ / kWh15.05¢ / kWhDOWN
Wyoming12.30¢ / kWh12.21¢ / kWhUP
Do Electric Smokers Use a Lot of Electricity?

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Electric smokers are not monsters at all. It works on advanced technology techniques. Using less amount of electricity with a bearable amount of smoke production. Unlike wood-burning or pellet smokers, they do not create ample amounts of smoke that disturb you.

Electric smokers are different from other smokers. They set up their temperature to the required limit and then cook food. So the temperature doesn’t remain unstable like other smokers. Once the smoker gains heat, the wood in the wood tray starts smoldering and adds flavor to the food. Once the wood stop smoking, you typically do not need to refill it.

In other words, I can say it is a hands-off approach that you don’t need to worry about the food during the whole cooking process. It is no doubt a demanding feature by clients.

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