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Can You Use an Electric Smoker in the Rain? Well if I talk about myself, I am the kind of person who will not ruin his day just because it is raining outside, I will definitely make arrangements to smoke meat for the dinner.

Are you the same kind of person? But wait, are you using an electric smoker? These traditional electric smokers are designed to be used outdoors but when it is heavy rain, you need to be very careful, as they are not waterproof.

Can You Use an Electric Smoker in the Rain

Using an Electric Smoker in the Rain

According to National Fire Protection Association, 70% of US adults are using either grills or smokers at home, which can cause increased fire risks at home.

Nowadays, people are taking more interest in electric smokers than pellet smokers, I have also researched and made a list of the 5 best electric smokers under 300$.

Well, there is no straightforward answer to “Can You Use an Electric Smoker in the Rain?” Sometimes, under some conditions it’s fine, otherwise, it is not. If you are using an electric smoker in the rain, you may face the following problems.

1. Damage to Smoker

As you know there is no combination of water and electricity. It is the most dangerous combination that can cause electrocution, cause damage to the smoker itself and it may be the reason for the fire. Fire can cause people injured or killed around the smoker.

can I use my smoker in the rain

2. If Water Goes in the Grease Catcher

Remember that not all rainfall is the same. Before trying to make your setup of smoking. Do notice your weather conditions.

This grease catcher in the smoker is used to catch all the fats and juice dripping from the food, and save your heating element from any kind of juice and fats that can create fire.

If you use a smoker in extremely heavy rainfall. Water may penetrate the grease catcher. As a result, it will overflow and fats from the food will splatter, making a mess and also can cause a fire.

It can also rust the heating element of your smoker if the moisture penetrates it, so it is better to avoid smoking in harsh weather.

3. Water in the Top Vent

Remember that traditional electric smokers are not waterproof. If you are using it in inclement weather, it can create any situation. You need to follow guidelines to use it in wet weather.

Another important issue you may face is when you get water in the top vent of your smoker.

These vents are used to let the smoke and heat circulate, if you get water in the top vent, then the smoke will not circulate properly. The quality of smoke in the chamber will not be the same as it should be. You may feel the smell of creosote from your food instead of fresh smoke. Also, it can also make the water pan flow.

4. Rusting

Rust happens when metal is oxidized with air and water. Well, all smokers rust, but the better we can do is to reduce rusting by taking proper care of it. It will increase the lifespan of your smoker.

How to Take Safety Precautions

1. Go Under a Gazebo

A gazebo is a structure that provides you with a shaded area like an awning. These are enough big to accommodate your smoker. It is something that may not be available to you at home. However, they are in all big parks. Or you may buy one for your backyard and fix it.

can you bbq in the rain

2. Use a Canopy to Cover Smoker

BBQ Canopy is another good option to cover your smoker while raining. It is a portable form of Gazebo. It is a little bit smaller in size and cheaper as compared to Gazebo but can save you from all danger during smoking in the rain.

Another good way to protect your smoker from rain is to cover it with an excellent quality waterproof cover. This should not tightly adhere to the body of the smoker, but it is best if you can stand with it under the cover to operate your smoker much like a BBQ canopy. It must have a securing mechanism to make sure it will not blow off in wind.

This cover will keep the smoker dry and take care of it during the mechanism of smoking.

smoking meat in the rain

3. Positioning

The position of your smoker according to the wind is important if you are using a smoker outside in the rain.

It would be best if you get the space to keep the smoker in a shelter, but in a way that there should be enough ventilation otherwise, carbon monoxide released from the smoker can displace oxygen. Smoker release carbon monoxide which is a very dangerous killer gas.

In case you don’t have shelter, keep the smoker in the direction where the blowing wind makes the rain move away from your smoker.

4. Control Box Maintenance

Keep checking the maintenance of your electric smoker, especially the control box. This control box comes with a proper seal or gasket. It has the internal electronics of smokers.

With time and use, the seal of the control box may get damaged and it may allow water to get into it if you are smoking outside in the rain.

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1. Can you cook with an electric smoker that’s been rained on?

Yes, you can smoke your meat on it, but first, make sure that smoker is dry at the time of use. If not, dry it with a piece of cloth. Check the control box whether it has rainy water in it or not. Also, check the main drum and grease tray. There shouldn’t be any water.

2. Can you use a wood smoker in the rain?

Yes, wood smokers can be used in rain. You will also face problems with a wood smoker, if you are outside in the rain water can get into it, and it may rust However, it is not dangerous as Electric Smokers.

3. Can I use my Masterbuilt electric smoker in the rain?

If you think you can take all necessary precautions and your electric smoker is in good condition, and if the rain is not too heavy, it may be possible to smoke outside in the rain. However, there are inherent dangers and risks in doing so. It is safer to wait for the rain to stop or at least slow down before attempting to smoke outside.

4. Can you use an electric smoker in the house?

Yes, it is possible to use an electric smoker indoors, but it is important to take safety precautions to ensure that the smoke does not accumulate in the house and cause a fire hazard or create unhealthy air quality.

Final Thoughts

Smoking outside in rain with your electric smoker is full of danger and risk. However, if you think that you can do all precautionary measures and your smoker is completely in order. Also if the rain is not heavy then you can go out for it. Otherwise, I will suggest you do not go out and wait for the rain to stop or at least slow down.


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