Can You Use an Electric Smoker in the Garage

For me, Barbeque season is really fun. As a user of an electric smoker, I cannot smoke indoors. So, I have to plan somewhere outside of my house. In this article, I will discuss Where to Place an Electric Smoker outside.

Can You Use an Electric Smoker in the Garage

I will also clear your many confusions. I have been asked many times by beginners Can You Use an Electric Smoker in the Garage? Today I will be discussing it in detail, if you are an electric smoker user then you would love to read it.

Can You Use an Electric Smoker in the Garage

Well, it seems like it is the best idea to keep your smoker in the garage and use it while you open the door of the garage and prepare delicious meat for your family and friends. Unfortunately, it is not a good idea. Even after opening the door of the garage, you still have a chance of building up smoke and carbon monoxide. That can cause serious hazards and it is a complete risk for you and your family.

can you run an electric smoker in the garage

Risk and Problems You May Face While Smoking in a Garage

Electric smokers are the best friendly devices to use. They are the best example of set it and forget it.  Ideal for beginners to start their journey of smoking meat. Well, nothing in the world comes without cons. When we get so many advantages from the new technology of an electric smoker, we do face some serious problems if we don’t use it according to its requirements.

Fire Risk

You might think how an electric smoker can cause a fire even if it doesn’t use flame as a heating element. Well, let me tell you that electric smokers themselves get extremely hot in order to smoke your meat to its desired level. Its heat is no less than the heat coming from the fire.

Keeping an electric smoker in the garage or similar area, where you have so many flammable objects and things with low heat resistance. It is extremely dangerous in terms of fire risk. It may melt the nearby objects in the garage, due to its high heat and temperature.

Build up Smoke or Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is produced in the burning of gas, propane or charcoal. Even electric smokers release carbon monoxide while smoking.

Carbon Monoxide is a killer gas. With its tasteless, odorless and colorless property, it gets fill in entire area without letting you know. It takes the place of oxygen in the atmosphere and makes you ill.

This is the important reason why we cannot keep electric smokers indoor or in a garage-type area, it releases carbon monoxide, which may collect and you can face an increased level of it, which is extremely dangerous for you. It really has no harm if you are smoking in an open area. If you don’t have proper ventilation in your garage and the air is not moving from the garage then we will recommend you place your electric smoker somewhere else.

Prolonged Smell of Smoke

After a session of many hours of smoking in the garage, you will feel the garage is smoky. Even after weeks you can feel the same smell in your garage. In case if you have stored your winter clothes and your other things in the garage. You can feel the smell of smoke in all your placed objects.

Where to Place an Electric Smoker- 5 Best Places to Smoke

If you are a home dweller or living in an apartment, you will have lots of options outside to smoke your meat, without worrying about any issues mentioned above.

Where to Place an Electric Smoker

Smoke in a Covered Porch

Got a covered porch with a lot of airflow in it, at least from three sides? Well, what else do you need to have? You have got an ideal smoking place many of us dreamed to have. The covered porch is the best place to keep your electric smoker, you will be able to stay near to your smoker and because the area has good ventilation there will be no problem of high levels of carbon monoxide.

Make an Area for Smoking in Your Yard

If a covered porch is not an option for you but you do have a yard. Don’t worry it is not a bad idea to utilize your yard for smoking. You need to place a flat block and make a fine space for an electric smoker to be kept on it. Also, you will be needing a surge-proof extension cord.

You can also enjoy your gathering in yard during smoking on your electric smoker.

Using Canopy

Smoking canopy is always a good option. It provides you good space for your smoker and even you can stand underneath it, in case of rain. Well, you may buy it in a reasonable price and also you can make it on your own.

By using canopy, you get excellent ventilation for smoker and it is also provides shelter to smoker. Barbeque canopy is the best option, you may use it later for your tailgating or camping.

Smoking In Garage Under Strict Precautions

I would never ever recommend you to use your electric smoker in a garage, even if you have a detached garage, with no living area around. But some of you may not agree. And will try to find a way to smoke in the garage.

can i use smoker in garage

If you have no other option than to use your smoker in a detached garage, then you should follow these guidelines and precautions in order to reduce risk factors.

  • Completely open the door of the garage. If you have any windows, open them as well.

  • Remove anything from the garage that is flammable or may melt with the heat of an electric smoker.

  • Use a fan to have good ventilation all the time.

  • Fire extinguisher must be near you.

  • Don’t leave the smoker unattended for a long time.

  • Place less amount of wood in electric smoker that will reduce CO and smoke production.

Final Verdict – Where to Place an Electric Smoker

I would not recommend you to smoke in your garage. It is always very dangerous. It is better to go for alternate options Barbeque Canopy, Yard, or covered Porch. Once you set up space for your electric smoker, you’ll love the ease and convenience of using an electric smoker.


Which rack to use in an electric smoker?

There is totally no difference at all in any rack. Your meat will smoke at the same time whichever rack you use. The above rack is easy to use. If you have more meat then you may use the last rack as well.

Should I use water in an electric smoker?

You don’t need to put water in an electric smoker. Electric smokers are already good at maintaining temperature and humidity levels inside of smokers. It doesn’t make your food dry even without water.

How long to smoke meat in an electric smoker?

On average, your meat may take around 6 to 8 hours in the smoker. In case of a very large piece of meat like briskets, it may take more than 20 hours.

Do wood chips are necessary for an electric smoker?

Electric smokers do not depend on wood chips, as wood chips are not part of any fuel source in it. We do use wood chips in it in order to enhance the smoky flavor of our food. Some electric smokers comes with a design to accommodate wood chips in it.

How to get a smoke ring in an electric smoker?

Electric smokers are not designed to produce a smoke ring on your piece of meat, but you may get a dark pink ring by putting some wood pieces in the wood tray of your electric smoker.  

Can you use charcoal in an electric smoker?

Yes, you may add charcoal to your electric smoker. Mostly electric smokers come with a wood chips tray. You can keep charcoal in it.

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