Can You Use a Smoker in the Winter – Easy Tips for Pitmasters

It is freezing outside and you are dying to smoke your favorite beef briskets or ribs. But you might be thinking, Can You Use a Smoker in the Winter?

Well, you must follow this checklist while using a smoker in the winter to avoid any problems. I have mentioned details as well.

  • Keep your electric smoker in a shaded area under some shelter
  • Select a nice day for smoking
  • Insulate an electric smoker with its jacket or furnace
  • Do not cover vents with insulation
  • Use a wireless thermometer to avoid opening the smoker too often
  • Don’t forget to preheat your smoker
  • Follow your recipe and enjoy the meal.

Can You Use A Smoker In The Winter

Can You Use a Smoker in the Winter?

I am here to answer all your confusion and solution to all the problems you might face while smoking in cold weather. It is a step-by-step guide, and by following it you will be able to enjoy your meal without any hassle and you won’t need to ask anyone that can you use a smoker in the winter.

Setting up Electric Smoker

The first thing, you will need to do is set up your electric smoker in a place where it is safe from all the factors like rain, snow, cold or wind. A safe place doesn’t mean a closed area, as we cannot use an electric smoker indoors or not even in a garage. So making a proper place for it. For this, you can read my post about where to place your electric smoker.

How to Keep Smokers Hot

Working in extremely cold weather, you may feel issues in keeping your electric smoker hot. The best part you can play in it is to avoid opening the door or lid of your electric smoker again and again. But check only if you need to check it. Opening it continuously will not let heat accumulate in it, instead, it will fill with cold air whenever you open it.

You can also use a wireless smoker thermometer, which is a great option. Meat doneness can be estimated with a meat thermometer. There are so many meat thermometers coming on the market without wire or Bluetooth. Just keep the thermometer in the food for the entire process of smoking.

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How to Make an Electric Smoker Insulated

If it is too cold outside, then you should also think about the insulation of your electric smoker.  This can be done in different ways, you may use furnace insulation, water heater blankets, and even a smoker jacket if you got one with your smoker. But keep in mind that these insulations should not cover the vents of your smoker otherwise it will affect the working of the smoker.

Check Weather Before Planning to Smoke Meat

I will never recommend you to go out smoking meat in torrential downpours, snow storms or white-out snow storms. Select a day that is suitable for smoking.

Preheat your Smoker before Smoking

Preheating an electric smoker is really necessary for cold weather and it may take more time than usual time. Once it is preheated, you can place your meat and wood chips in it. It will give you the enhanced flavor of smoked meat.

Before placing wood chips, first read the manual of a smoker, which wood chips are best for it.

Overview – Will An Electric Smoker Work In Cold Weather

An electric smoker works by using electricity to heat food instead of flame. You’ll find that an electric smoker produces a rich, juicy, meaty flavor like a grill and you get all the delicious tastes you crave without the mess and hassle of a fire pit. You’ll love the ease and convenience of using an electric smoker. Follow the instructions and you will get your amazing smoky food without any problem. Also, take care of your dressing if you have planned to smoke in very cold weather, otherwise, you may get severely ill.


Can electric smokers be left outside?

Yes, you can store smokers in an open area. But it is not the recommended way. I will prefer to store it in a covered place or in the shed. This will help smokers to stay protected from rough weather, snow and rain. Also, use a smoker cover for protection.

Can you use an electric smoker in the garage?

I have already posted a very detailed blog of mine about smoking in the garage. You may read it. I will never recommend you use your electric smokers in the Garage.

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