Brisket Flat vs Point – Cuts of Brisket

Brisket is among the major nine cuts of steer. It is among the best barbeque pieces. It is a piece of cut from front part of cow, it is a combination of two tightly connected muscles, flat and point. Brisket Flat vs Point is always been a burning question among BBQ lovers. Both these parts are very juicy and tasty and follow same pattern of cooking on low heat.

Brisket Flat vs Point

What Cut of Meat is Brisket?

brisket point

Brisket is basically a large cut from the lower chest of the cow, located near front legs. These muscles are used a lot and they carry animal weight as well that is why they contains large amount of collagen and connective tissues in it. Because of these tissues, meat of this part is chewy. It also has a layer of fats, we call fat top.

What cut of meat is Brisket

Beef brisket slow cooking process breaks connective tissues and fats out of it. Hence, makes the meat tender and soft. The size of the complete brisket is around 8 to 16 pounds. Butcher divide it into two pieces for sale, these two muscles are known as,

  • Flat
  • Point

These two are cooked and eat in different ways

Brisket Flat vs Point

Brisket Flat Cut

Flat cut is also known as first cut, it has thick layer of fat, and its deckle is removed. It has 17% of fats in it. It is a long and thin piece and a major part of the whole brisket. Its thick layer of fat keep it moist during cooking. This is the best cut for making brisket and it is easily available in supermarkets. It is used in corn beef sandwiches.

Point or Flat Brisket

Brisket Point Cut

Point cut of the brisket has a triangular shape and irregular grain. It has deckle and it is the fatty part as compared to flat. It is a thicker and smaller piece, with lots of connective tissues and fats in it, with 21% of fats and 18% protein. It has really an extraordinary flavor because of extra fats but less meat that is why it is mostly used in the recipes in shredded form, chopped and pulled beef. Like using it in hamburgers or sandwiches.

Brisket Point

Brisket Flat vs Point : Which one is better

Well, it depends on what you are cooking, because both parts have different cooking and eating ways. If you will slice the pieces of brisket then you should go with flat, as it is a leaned part and can easily be sliced. It will be tasty but it has a lesser amount of fats.

And if you are planning to make some hamburgers then you should better go with a point cut. It will enhance the flavor of hamburgers with its extra fat.

Flat BrisketPoint Brisket
Has a layer of fat on one sideHas more connective tissue and flavor
Wider, thicker, leanerSmaller, more compact, more marbled
Usually slicedUsually shredded or chopped
Weighs 6 to 10 poundsWeighs 5 to 6 pounds
Used for braises and corned beefUsed for pulled beef, sandwiches and smoked barbecue

What Brisket to Buy for Smoking

If you want to smoke brisket then you should go for packer cut or untrimmed cut.

Packer Cut

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Where to Buy Brisket Point Online

Following are the trusted and best suppliers of brisket online.

Farm Field Table

Boxed Halal

Crowd Cow


In short, if you feel like you can’t smoke the whole brisket because you are short of time, then you can select any one of the point or flat part of the brisket. Just remember one thing that flat can be easily divided into pieces while the point has a lot of meat flavor but less amount of meat on it. Brisket flat and point both will give you equally amazing flavor.


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